Who are we?

The Brandt Group

We are a leading French group in the household equipment sector:
Large household appliances: Washing, Cooking, Cold, Small Appliances.


4 major brands

We design and manufacture products from major brands that are part of the everyday life of millions of households:
De Dietrich and Brandt are our two major international brands; Sauter and Vedette are our two specialist brands.


7 locations in France and Algeria

We have two production sites in France (Orléans and Vendôme) and an industrial park in Algeria (Sétif), two R&D sites in France (Lyon and Orléans) and a site dedicated to after-sales service (Cergy-Pontoise), and the Group’s head office is in Rueil-Malmaison.


6 subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and North Africa

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Distribution of our brands by a network of distributors throughout the world


Origine France

In 2011, we were the first household appliance manufacturer to receive Origine France Garantie certification for our products manufactured at the Orléans and Vendôme sites.


200 million

We are investing more than 200 million euros in the construction of our new industrial complex dedicated to Washing and Cold products in Sétif, Algeria.


Our Values

We have built our corporate project around two values: Ambition and Respect.


Our Ambition

  • is to acquire a leadership position in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa and consolidate our positions in Asia,
  • is expressed through the desire to win as a team in a competition in which the customer is the referee,
  • is to value our employees and encourage them to take a long-term view of their careers by forging a career with the Brandt Group.


  • is most importantly something we show to others, as the basis of all community life,
  • means building close and trusting relationships with our employees in order to promote their personal development,
  • means recognising that diversity and difference are a rich source of dynamism and creativity,
  • means keeping our long-term commitments to our employees, partners and customers,
  • means acting in an exemplary, respectful and responsible manner.

*The best everyday. The best everyday.